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Cbr 600 Cafe Racer Kit For Honda

Cbr 600 Cafe Racer Kit For Honda

If you are looking for a way to transform your Honda CBR 600 into a retro-styled cafe racer, you might be interested in some of the kits available on the market. Cafe racers are motorcycles that combine vintage aesthetics with modern performance, often featuring minimal bodywork, clip-on handlebars, rear-set footpegs, and a single-seat. Cafe racers originated in the 1950s and 1960s in Britain, where riders would modify their bikes to race from one cafe to another. Today, cafe racers are popular among enthusiasts who appreciate their classic look and agile handling.

One of the advantages of using a Honda CBR 600 as a base for a cafe racer project is that it already has a powerful and reliable engine, as well as good brakes and suspension. The CBR 600 is one of the most successful sportbikes of all time, having won numerous championships and awards since its introduction in 1987. The CBR 600 F2, which was produced from 1991 to 1994, is especially praised for its smooth and responsive engine, as well as its balanced and stable chassis. The CBR 600 F2 has about 90 horsepower and can reach a top speed of over 240 km/h.


However, the CBR 600 also has some drawbacks for a cafe racer conversion, such as its bulky and angular fairings, its rectangular swingarm, and its high and wide handlebars. These features make the bike look more modern and sporty, but less elegant and retro. Fortunately, there are some kits that can help you change the appearance and ergonomics of your CBR 600 without compromising its performance and reliability.

Kits for e.g. cafe racers -

One of the online stores that offers kits for various models of motorcycles, including the CBR 600, is []. This store has a wide range of parts and accessories for cafe racers, scramblers, trackers, bobbers, and other custom bikes. You can find everything from seats, tanks, fenders, lights, exhausts, handlebars, grips, mirrors, indicators, gauges, filters, shocks, forks, wheels, tires, brakes, cables, wires, switches, batteries, frames, swingarms, engines, transmissions, clutches, chains, sprockets, and more.

For the CBR 600 F2 specifically, offers a [conversion kit] that includes a new seat with integrated tail light and turn signals, a new front fender with brackets, a new headlight with brackets and wiring harness, a new speedometer with bracket and wiring harness, new clip-on handlebars with grips and bar-end mirrors, new rear-set footpegs with brackets and linkage rods, new brake and clutch levers with cables and hoses, new air filters with adapters and hoses, new fuel tank decals with clear coat protection, and a new license plate holder with light and wiring harness. The kit also comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions for installation. The kit costs 1.999,- (about $2.370,-) and can be ordered online or by phone. The kit is designed to fit the original frame and swingarm of the CBR 600 F2 without any modifications.

Citric CBR - WiMoto Honda CBR600 F2

Another option for transforming your CBR 600 F2 into a cafe racer is to follow the example of [WiMoto], a custom motorcycle workshop based in The Netherlands. WiMoto specializes in building unique bikes that blend different styles and genres. One of their projects is the Citric CBR, a CBR 600 F2 that has been converted into a cafe racer with a scrambler twist.

The Citric CBR features a custom-made subframe that supports a slim leather seat with yellow stitching. The rear end also houses a small LED tail light and turn signals. The front end has been fitted with a round headlight with an orange lens cover that matches the color scheme of the bike. The headlight is mounted on custom-made brackets that also hold the speedometer and indicator lights. The handlebars are clip-ons with bar-end mirrors and yellow grips. The footpegs are rear-set and connected to the original linkage rods. The fuel tank has been painted in a matte black and yellow pattern, with a WiMoto logo on the sides. The exhaust system has been replaced with a custom-made stainless steel pipe that ends with a small muffler under the seat.

The most noticeable modification on the Citric CBR is the swingarm, which has been swapped for a tubular chromoly one with eccentric chain adjusters. The swingarm is a plug-and-play solution that fits the original frame and shock of the CBR 600 F2. The swingarm also improves the aesthetics and performance of the bike, giving it a more streamlined and sporty look. The rear shock has been upgraded to a fully adjustable Wilbers race shock, while the front forks have been lowered and stiffened. The wheels are stock, but have been wrapped in dual-sport tires for better grip on different terrains.

One-Eyed Racer: a retro CBR600RR from Francis Von Tuto

If you have a newer model of the CBR 600, such as the CBR 600 RR, you can still turn it into a cafe racer with some creativity and skill. A good example of this is the One-Eyed Racer, a custom CBR 600 RR built by [Francis Von Tuto], a motorcycle designer and builder from France. Francis has a passion for retro sportbike style, and he has applied it to his own CBR 600 RR, which he bought in 2006.

The One-Eyed Racer features a custom-made fairing that covers most of the front end of the bike, leaving only a single round headlight exposed. The fairing is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, and has a sleek and aerodynamic shape that resembles the racing bikes of the 1970s and 1980s. The fairing also incorporates a small windscreen and an air intake for the engine. The fuel tank has been modified to fit the fairing, and has been painted in a glossy black and silver scheme, with a Francis Von Tuto logo on the sides. The seat is also custom-made, and has a leather cover with red stitching. The seat is attached to a shortened subframe that ends with a LED tail light and turn signals.

The handlebars are clip-ons with bar-end mirrors and red grips. The footpegs are rear-set and connected to the original linkage rods. The brake and clutch levers are adjustable and have red accents. The exhaust system has been replaced with a custom-made stainless steel pipe that ends with a SC Project muffler under the seat. The suspension has been upgraded to Ohlins units, both front and rear. The wheels are stock, but have been painted in black and silver, and have red pinstripes on the rims.


As you can see, there are many ways to turn your Honda CBR 600 into a cafe racer, depending on your budget, preferences, and skills. You can choose from ready-made kits that offer an easy and complete solution, or you can customize your bike with individual parts and accessories that suit your taste. You can also take inspiration from other builders who have done similar projects, or you can create your own unique design that reflects your personality. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your CBR 600 cafe racer will be a fun and stylish ride that will turn heads wherever you go.


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