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EZkeys Midi Pack

This EZkeys MIDI pack was inspired by the wealth of dramatic conceptual rock and musicals that have surfaced over the past few decades. Looking for a fresh and piano-driven take on your next batch of songs? Material riddled with twists, turns, changes and the ever-so-present degree of drama that goes hand in hand with the genre? Here you go!

EZkeys Midi Pack

Keys & Strings EZkeys MIDI was created with the Mellotoon, its rich palette of sounds and music history in mind. However, it works just as well with any instrument in the EZkeys Line. What sets it apart from some of the other packs in the line is that it comes with two separate but related sections in each song, one for keys and one for strings. The keys section is much like any traditional EZkeys MIDI, meaning classic chord progressions and playing styles in increasing intensity. The strings section, on the other hand, has a more open tonal landscape, longer notes and is meant to complement the keys MIDI.


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