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Download Kpop Instrumental Ringtones for Free - Best Selection of Kpop Music

"Bad Boy" has one of the best official instrumentals. The bass is extremely addictive and features a lot of hidden elements and unique sounds that you might have not been able to catch in the original song.

k pop instrumental ringtone download

The instrumental version of this song begins with a great piano intro that features a great melody. Each layer of the song slowly gets added, eventually culminating into a genius instrumental that you simply cannot miss out on.

After listening to the instrumental version of "Fake Love," you'll realize how complex the song is actually. There are tons of layers of different instruments and sounds that help create a melancholy feeling throughout.

The instrumental for this song is good even from the intro. The beginning melody effectively sets up the mood for the rest of the instrumental, which is full of genius elements by YG's producer Teddy.


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