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Met her in Sydney 2015, She was just around the corner from my apartment, very easy to get there and once inside she was breathtaking, a very tall model with big boobs and a gigantic girl cock. Negative - she was a bit cold and bossyShe told me ti get on the bed naked, I laid there as she git prepared she came walking back with no clothes on and her huge cock swinging between her legs, I was excited this was the biggest i had ever taken, she got on the bed and we 69'd she sucks so amazing I was stunned at how good it felt, she face fucked me deep but gentle and it slid all the way down but she wasnt fully hard just yet... She proceed to get me on my back and my legs up in the air as she hardened up and out on a condom, her cock is huge at least 10-12 inches and really thick most likely 6-7 inches girth, and She entered me slowly. She got about a quater in and I urged her to fuck me hard , she thrust all the way inside me and I started to make an uncontrollable noise with each thrust kind of like a girl which was strange af her dick was so deep it hurt a bit but was intensly pleasurable I could barely contain my cum, and she started jerking me off at the same time and I came but she kept fucking me for another 5 minutes and Im glad she stopped as I couldnt take it much longer. I still think about that day and wish she would visit here again so I can book and hour with her again.I paid 300 but we only went for about 20 minutes, I dont know if I couldve went much longer though.

Shemale pornstars are taking over the world of porn! We had here girls with the biggest tits, men with the biggest dicks, and now, we have here pornstars who could compete in both categories. Because we are going to look at the top 20 hottest shemale pornstars! They are becoming more popular than ever, so we couldn't miss the opportunity to look at them closer. Gone are the days transgender porn was considered taboo. Today, even the biggest porn productions focus on TS porn, where you can finally meet the best tranny pornstars in their original roles. We are not going to lie. It's not for everyone. But even if you still haven't found a way to TS porn, maybe these fifteen TGirls will change your mind. Give them a chance, and we promise you won't regret it. We prepared their hot pictures, bio, and more info in our list of the best shemale pornstars!

From Asian beauty to Latina hottie! This is Jane Marie, one of the most beautiful shemale pornstars in general. It takes only one look at her gorgeous face, and you will immediately fall in love with her. She's got a perfect tanned body, and her tits plus big cock make her simply irresistible. She made her porn debut in 2012 when she was 20 years old. Now, almost ten years and several award nominations later, she is not prepared to stop being fucked in her tight ass. Yes, she is more taker than giver, but you will find a lot of scenes of her stretching those assholes too!

Don't confuse Luna Love with Luna Love. That sounds pretty confusing, but if you try to find this sexy tranny pornstar, you might run into another blonde pornstar who also loves to be fucked in her ass. But only the petite tattooed TGirl can stick her huge cock inside another's anal hole. If you know what we mean. She tried to make it easy for her fans, so she added St James behind her name. She always knew her future was in the adult industry. Already in 2015, Luna started her modelling career, and a few months later, she made her first hardcore porn movie. She loves to be fucked in the ass, and she never says no to a big black cock. Give a chance to a wild Luna Love St James! She won't disappoint you.

You know the action will be wild when the main star is a Mexican transgender pornstar. And when her huge tits are bouncing up and down just like her big dick while riding some monster cock, you get instantly to the mood. Let us introduce to you the one and only Jessy Dubai, one of the hottest Latina tranny pornstars! She told about herself she was a shy child, but after moving to the USA, she changed her gender during her high school years and soon became a confident ladyboy who knows how to fuck hard on camera. She started her porn career when she was 24, in 2013. And after three years, in 2016, Jessy Dubai got the XBIZ Award for the best Transgender Performer of the Year. You can watch her in tens of hardcore TS porn movies, and you will recognize her by the tattoo of eyes right above her penis. Quite original, what do you say?

Recently, we made a list of the hottest redhead pornstars, and this name could pretty easily appear among those hot cis girls. We are talking about Shiri Allwood, who is always ready to ride some huge cock or to penetrate the tight ass of another transgender porn star. She is almost 30 years old but still full of energy. Her porn career started in 2014, and you can watch her in all kinds of actions. With girls, guys, TGirls, or in wild group orgy by the pool. And if you love Pokemon, you will be surprised that Misty from Pokemon has a penis! The hottest cosplay porn we have seen lately, and that's another reason why Shiri Allwood is one of the hottest tranny pornstars of today.

One of the latest sensations in the TS porn world. Her name is Eva Maxim, and she started her career pretty slowly in 2019. But scene after scene, she has made her way into the awareness of every porn fan. The year 2022 was the most successful for her as she starred in tens of new scenes, mostly for the Adult Time studio. If you visit her Pornhub profile, you could be disappointed because there is not much to see. But if you want more of Eva Maxim, you should definitely follow her Twitter account, where she posts behind-the-scenes pictures and videos as well as private photos that are nowhere else to be seen. We should definitely mention her big cock and inked body that is so hot she could make it to our list of the hottest tattooed pornstars in the world!

There are some hot chicks in our list, and now comes the amazing Venus Lux! She is one of a few Asian transgender pornstars who made it to the western porn industry. It was in 2009 when she decided to change her gender, and after three years, she appeared in her first hardcore porn movie. At that time, everyone saw the potential of her huge cock and Asian look. Every TS porn production dreamed of having her in their movies.

Is it already time to call this tranny pornstar a legend? It was in 2011 when she was named for the first time the Transsexual Performer of the Year. And now, ten years after, we still get new content from Bailey Jay. That's how naughty she is. She still doesn't have enough, and we don't have enough of her huge tits. But do you know what her favorite hobby is? If you already know her, you know it's sucking the biggest dicks and letting them cum on her beautiful face. Her full name is Bailey-Jay Granger, she is a hot MILF, and she is in the top 10 hottest shemale pornstars!

Young and wild Ella Hollywood is our next girl on the list of the best shemale pornstars. She is still very young but has already appeared in tens of hardcore porn movies! When she announced she would move from the webcam business to the hardcore porn industry, the biggest porn studios were ready to explore her potential. Her first movie was a solo casting session, but she soon jumped on a big black cock, and since that time, she has been unstoppable. She fucks guys, she fucks straight girls, but the most, she loves to feel a huge cock inside her tight asshole. She got her first nomination for the AVN Transgender Performer of the Year in 2020, and we believe Ella Hollywood is not far from winning one in the near future!

We have already introduced many tranny pornstars. But probably none of them recorded themselves having sex with their girlfriend in Hawaii while being on a hike. But here we are. Casey Kisses is this wild TGirl, who has no boundaries when it comes to using her huge cock. Although you can't find her among the AVN or XBIZ awards winners, she is highly appreciated in the trans community. That's why in 2020, she won the TEA awards for the Best Cam Performer of the Year and Best Solo Model. She has huge experience with webcam live shows on Chaturbate, but she still finds time for big porn productions and their hardcore movies. She loves to fuck Cis-girls and then let them fuck her ass with a strap-on. Yep, Casey Kisses is one of the hottest shemale pornstars who deserves your attention! 041b061a72


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