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Chronicle Text G1 Font Free Download !!BETTER!!

I get the same issue with one of the Hoefler Foundry fonts, Chronicle Text G1. It comes is three weights, Roman, Semi-bold, and Bold. If you apply bold from the SL font menu to Chronicle Text G1 it appears bold on screen but doesn't preview or publish as bold. To get the bolded version you have to select Semi-bold or Bold from the font menu. (Note that these are not some free downloaded fonts made but someone in their bedroom; they are from topline font houses and cost a considerable amount of money to purchase/license.)

chronicle text g1 font free download

Download Zip:

Digging into the properties of the 2 fonts, 35 Light, 45 Book... their fonts styles are explicitly light or semi-light - meaning that when it is time to preview or publish, Storyline does not have a reference within the chosen font to actually change the text as bold.

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