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Buy Car Horn Online

Carorbis is an online automobile market that acts as a shared platform where buyers meet sellers. Carorbis sources its products from internationally leading brands that are 100% certified and verified. Being able to purchase from top global brands not only guarantees the superior built quality of the products but also helps you keep a tab over trends of the international automobile market. Here are the most popular car horns brands at Carorbis:

buy car horn online

In the early days, car horns were not fitted inside a vehicle. Instead, they were used by the pedestrians to alert about oncoming vehicles. Later, when driving increased in popularity, the horn was soon moved inside the cars.

Initial horns were essentially a trumpet made of a metal tube and a rubber air bladder. Squeezing the bladder would pump air inside the metal rod which would create a blast sound and thus warn the nearby drivers or pedestrians.

While a car horn can make it much easier for you to drive through Indian bottleneck traffic jams, unnecessary honking can be very annoying for your fellow riders. You should be mindful and aware of the times when you should and should not use a horn of cars. Remember that your horn of car should only be used when it is necessary. If it is possible for you to pass through a road without pressing your horn, you should choose to avoid pressing it.

Van Horn Automotive Group has launched an online used-car buying platform called CloudLot that allows consumers to conduct all car-buying steps from selecting a vehicle to scheduling delivery completely online.

A car horn is an often overlooked but necessary accessory for your vehicle. Most states require vehicles to have working horns. but choosing the right one can be challenging. You want one that other drivers and pedestrians can hear, but you don't want it to be annoying. The type of sound and tone it emits is very important. Our buying guide will help you find the best car horn for your car or truck.

The HELLA Twin Trumpet Car Horns are unique, loud, and certainly attention-grabbing. For starters, you get two horns, including one powerful high-performing horn for added noise. They both feature at least 400 Hz and pump out around 110 dB per horn. The kit comes with all of the necessary equipment to install it yourself.

One of the most interesting features of the HELLA Twin Trumpet Car Horns is its included app. Once you get the horns in place, you can download the app to listen to how your horn would sound in different traffic situations. It sounds odd, but it could be helpful or just a fun way to interact with your horn.

The horn is rated to function with all vehicles built after 1955, making it rather versatile. The horn is rated at 410 Hz and 115 decibels. Together, the frequencies make for a clear and audible burst of sound. The kit is also easy to install and includes a heavy-duty mounting bracket and hardware. It also makes a great horn for motorcycles.

Do not honk your horn to make a driver or bicyclist go faster. Do not honk your horn to alert a driver that they made a mistake, because this may make them mad and eager to retaliate. Don't honk it simply because you're upset.

When you enroll in a traffic school program, you will learn about the topics mentioned above and more. A motor vehicle can be a safe mode of transportation, or it can be a very dangerous weapon. If you want to learn how to increase the chances of making it to your destination in one piece, complete our traffic school online today. The program is Take online traffic school the fun way with our award winning course. Our traffic school course is the perfect choice for anyone who recently received a traffic ticket; keep your driving record clean, your auto insurance rates low and become a better, safer driver!TestimonialsComedy Traffic School is by far my favorite option for traffic school.

  • The Miata is a great car, but there is a serious problem. When you have to use your horn, do other drivers just laugh at the pitiful squeak? Not only is it demoralizing, it's not safe.We're pleased to introduce you to the 3rd Millennium Miata Air Horn Kit. Our kit includes a patent-pending mounting bracket just for the Miata, the necessary mounting hardware, and a state-of-the-art air-horn made by Marco of Italy - one of the world's leaders in air horn technology.You could buy a generic air horn and fit it into your Miata, but it's a major headache to deal with the relays, tubing, compressors, and wiring. Our kit eliminates all that work and gives you a simple to install solution that you can have installed and working in about an hour.With our kit there are no wires to cut and splice and no tubing to run. It's a one-wire hookup using the existing horn wire!Our kit was designed to be simple to install and designed specifically for all model years of the Miata. What Happened to the Stebel Air Horn? For many years we sold an airhorn kit which used the Stebel Compact Nautilus horn, but unfortunately Stebel moved production to China and quality deterioriated to the point where we no longer could recommend the horn.Enter Marco. Another Italian manufacturer who took the Stebel design and improved upon it producing a far superior product. Differences include: Attachment of compressor to the sound unit has been reinforced

  • Air compressor redesign includes changing from a plastic holder for the brushes to a wire form holder to eliminate melting

  • Redesign of the impeller so it is screwed on to the shaft eliminating the tendency of the lower plastic cap to fall off from rough road pounding. This would cause total failure of the unit

  • Electrical blade connector redesign eliminating the blade from sliding into the plastic cap as well as eliminating the stress riser in the design eliminating breakage

  • And most of all, the Marco horn is manufactured by Marco in Italy and quality is controlled by Marco. Every horn is live tested by Marco prior to leaving the factory

  • Still have a Stebel horn or want to use one you got somewhere else? We have our famous, super-strong Stebel mounting kit with instructions available for purchase. Click here. Our Horn Kit Features: No complicated wiring. The kit uses your existing horn wiring combined with special short lead(s) supplied in the kit. There is no wire cutting or splicing.

  • Can be uninstalled easily. Because there is no wire cutting or modification of your existing horn setup, you can easily uninstall this air horn and put your stock horn back in place. Perfect if you ever have to sell your Miata.

  • Custom fit for the Miata. We supply everything needed for a secure, custom fit in your Miata. Hand tools-only installation. No drilling or modifications of your Miata!

  • Marine Grade Wire

  • Attention getting volume. Rated at 140db at 4 inches, other drivers will pay attention when this horn sounds.

  • True dual-tone air horn. Combined frequencies of 530Hz and 680Hz produce a distinctive tone. Think Ferrari...

  • We include detailed full-color printed installation instructions with every kit plus online video installs for the NB and NC.

  • A full 1-year warranty

Want to hear it? Turn up your speakers and click here (MP3)

Had to contact you folks and say I am REALLY impressed! Placed my order for a horn for my Miata and had it within one day! ... And it was super simple to install too. Loud as heck...just what I was looking for.Terrific product from a terrific company, what's not to love? Frank D. Fitchburg, MA

Not having a functional car horn is dangerous and can prevent your vehicle from passing state inspection. As such, it is important to understand how a horn assembly works and when it may need to be replaced.

When the horn button (located in the steering wheel pad) is depressed, the horn relay is energized, allowing power to flow to the horn(s). This horn assembly can be tested by supplying power and ground directly to the horn. If the horn barely sounds or does not sound at all, it is defective and should be replaced.

Do you like to arrive announced, to make a statement, a grand entrance? May be you need a loud horn for your car, truck or motorcycle. If you are in the transport industry you may have safety reasons for wanting a loud horn. But you can also fit a loud Dixie horn on your car or motor cycle just for fun. A Dixie horn from Superior Horns is guaranteed to get you noticed wherever you go.

We know it can be a little difficult to find the automotive horn you are looking for. You may have already been to many automotive accessory stores and online automotive stores only to find that the car horns you are looking for are either out of stock, or not sold by the store at all. After a few hours, days or weeks of fruitless searching, your frustration levels will probably be soaring through the ceiling.

The best way to assess the quality of the car horns and strobe lights at is by checking out a few customer testimonials. Here is what people have to say about their experiences at

If you are interested in purchasing one of the great air horns at, or if you have any queries regarding the emergency lighting section simply fill in the online contact form and a dedicated staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

The colorfully designed horn has 4 different buttons that can play a total of 8 different funny fart, burp and animal sounds. So there's plenty going on in the sidewalk traffic here.The BIG Funny Sound Horn is splash-proof, so it's no big deal if little racers spill a little during a pit stop. Otherwise, of course: Don't drink and drive!

Having a functional horn, trumpet horn or air horn in your car is mandatory. The horn isintended to warn your direct surrounding in a dangerous situation. Cars arealways equipped with a standard built-in air horn. The horn is connected to thecar battery and uses electricity. In most cars, the car horn is operated by abutton on the steering wheel or on the steering column switch. 041b061a72


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