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Shankara [2014 €? FLAC] |WORK|

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Shankara [2014 – FLAC]

EconPapers FAQ Archive maintainers FAQ Cookies at EconPapers The RePEc blog The RePEc plagiarism page International Journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (IJGEE)2010 - 2023Current editor(s): T.G. SitharamFrom IGI GlobalBibliographic data for series maintained by Journal Editor (Obfuscate( '', 'journaleditor' )).Access Statistics for this journal.Track citations for all items by RSS feedIs something missing from the series or not right? See the RePEc data check for the archive and series.Volume 7, issue 2, 2016 Steel Buildings' Seismic and Interaction Behavior, Under Different Shapes of Tunnel Drilling pp. 1-23 Arash Rostami, Hamid Alielahi, Abdoreza Sarvghad Moghadam and Mahmood Hosseini Inelastic Response Spectrum for Seismic Soil Pile Structure Interaction pp. 24-34 Pavan Kumar Emani, Ritesh Kumar and Phanikanth Vedula Seismic Zonations at Micro and Macro-Level for Regions in the Peninsular India pp. 35-63 Naveen James and Sitharam T.gVolume 7, issue 1, 2016 Post Disaster Housing Management for Sustainable Urban Development: A Review pp. 1-18 Kanu Kumar Das and Nagendra Kumar Sharma Spectral Estimation of Noisy Seismogram using Time-Frequency Analyses pp. 19-32 Vaneeta Devi and M. L. Sharma Prediction of Parameters of Soil Stratums and Earthen Dams from Free Field Acceleration Records pp. 33-56 Mourad A. Khellafi, Zamila Harichane, Hamid Afra and Ayfer Erken Effect of Earthquake on a Single Pile Located in Sloping Ground pp. 57-72 R. Deendayal, T. G. Sitharam and K. MuthukkumaranVolume 6, issue 2, 2015 The Optimized Dynamic Behavior of Short Embankment Based on Frequency Performance pp. 1-11 Behrouz Gordan and Azlan Adnan Pseudo-Dynamic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Strip Footing Resting on c-Φ Soil Considering Composite Failure Surface: Bearing Capacity Analysis Using Pseudo-Dynamic Method pp. 12-34 Arijit Saha and Sima Ghosh Seismic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in India pp. 35-55 B.P. Naveem, T.G. Sitharam and P.V. Sivapullaiah A Revisit to Seismic Hazard at Uttarakhand pp. 56-73 Monalisha Nayak, T. G. Sitharam and Sreevalasa KolathayarVolume 6, issue 1, 2015 Dynamic Response of Different Types of Shallow Foundation over Sandy Soils to Horizontal Harmonic Loading pp. 1-14 Taha Ashoori and Keivan Pakiman Seismic Hazard Assessment of the City of Khoy and Its Vicinity, NW of Iran pp. 15-27 Davood Fereidooni Energy Absorption Capacity and Shear Strength Characteristics of Waste Tire Crumbs and Sand Mixtures pp. 28-49 P. Anbazhagan and D.R. Manohar Dynamic Characterization and Site Response Studies for an Offshore Site Based on Detailed Geotechnical Tests pp. 50-80 T. G. Sitharam, Naveen James and Monalisha Nayak Nepal Earthquake of April 25, 2015 pp. 81-90 T.G. Sitharam and J.S. VinodVolume 5, issue 2, 2014 Investigating the Effect of Depth and Impedance of Foundation Rock in Seismic Analysis of Gravity Dams pp. 1-18 Sharad Joshi, Ishwer Datt Gupta, Lalitha R. Pattanur and Pranesh B. Murnal Site Response Study of Jammu City using Micro-tremor Measurements pp. 19-36 P.K.S. Chauhan, Gayatri Devi and Abha Mittal Pseudo-Static Analysis of Slope Considering Circular Rupture Surface pp. 37-43 Sima Ghosh Seismic Design and Parametric Study of Rigid Retaining Walls pp. 44-56 Swami Saran and Hasan RangwalaVolume 5, issue 1, 2014 Effect of Soil on Ground Motion Amplification of Kolkata City pp. 1-20 Amit Shiuly, R. B. Sahu and S. Mandal Effect of Epicenter Data Inconsistency in Determining Bandwidth and its Subsequent Use in Hazard Analysis for Chennai Using Kernel Smoothing Approach pp. 21-38 C. K. Ramanna and G. R. Dodagoudar Pseudo-Dynamic Active Earth Pressure on Battered Face Retaining Wall Supporting c-Φ Backfill Considering Curvilinear Rupture Surface pp. 39-57 Sima Ghosh and Arijit Saha A Syncretic Approach Towards a Meta-Integrative Platform for Effective Disaster Management pp. 58-74 S. Venkatesan, A. Rajabifard, N.T.K. Lam, E.F. Gad, H.M. Goldsworthy and G. Griffin Impact Analysis of Seismic Source Area Extent on Hazard Estimate for Chennai City pp. 75-100 C. K. Ramanna and G. R. DodagoudarVolume 4, issue 2, 2013 Mitigation of Seismic Accelerations by Soft Caissons pp. 1-17 A. J. Brennan, A. Klar and S. P. G. Madabhushi Liquefaction Potential for Kolkata City pp. 18-33 Ravi Sankar Jakka, Amit Shiuly and Ranjit Das A Case Study of Accelerometric Records Analysis of May 21st, 2003, Boumerdes (Algeria) Earthquake pp. 34-52 Abdelwahab Mourad Khellafi, Zamila Harichane, Hamid Afra and Amina Sadouki Site Response Evaluation of Agartala City Using Geophysical and Geotechnical Data pp. 53-73 Arjun Sil and T. G. SitharamVolume 4, issue 1, 2013 Sliding Stability of Retaining Wall Supporting c-Φ Backfill under Pseudo-Statically Seismic Active Load pp. 1-16 Sima Ghosh Liquefaction Hazard Mapping of Lucknow: A Part of Indo-Gangetic Basin (IGB) pp. 17-41 Abhishek Kumar, P. Anbazhagan and T. G. Sitharam SPT-Based Probabilistic Method for Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Soil Using Multi-Gene Genetic Programming pp. 42-60 Pradyut Kumar Muduli and Sarat Kumar Das Numerical Modeling of Buried Pipe under Wheel Loads Using FLAC 3D pp. 61-67 Hamed Niroumand, Khairul Anuar Kassim and Behnam Adhami Dynamic Analysis of Homogenize Earthen Dam Using Blanket Layer Technique pp. 68-82 Behrouz Gordan and Azlan Bin Adnan Seismic Ground Response Analysis of Some Typical Sites of Guwahati City pp. 83-101 Shiv Shankar Kumar and A. Murali KrishnaVolume 3, issue 2, 2012 Seismic Response of Rigid Faced Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls pp. 1-14 Arup Bhattacharjee and A. Murali Krishna Formulation of Seismic Passive Resistance of Retaining Wall Backfilled with c-F Soil pp. 15-24 Sima Ghosh Excess Pore Pressures Around Underground Structures Following Earthquake Induced Liquefaction pp. 25-41 Siau Chen Chian and Santana Phani Gopal Madabhushi Support Vector Classifiers for Prediction of Pile Foundation Performance in Liquefied Ground During Earthquakes pp. 42-59 Pijush Samui, Subhamoy Bhattacharya and T. G. Sitharam Assessment of Liquefaction Potential Index Using Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches pp. 60-76 Naveen James, T. G. Sitharam and K. S. VipinVolume 3, issue 1, 2012 Experimental Validation of an Identification Procedure of Soil Profile Characteristics from Free Field Acceleration Records pp. 1-17 Z. Harichane, H. Afra and R. Bahar Liquefaction and Dynamic Properties of Assemblies with Particles of Spherical and Ellipsoidal Shapes: A Discrete Element Approach pp. 18-33 S. D Anitha Kumari and T. G. Sitharam Liquefaction Hazard Scenario of Imphal City for 1869 Cachar and a Hypothetical Earthquake pp. 34-56 Kumar Pallav, S. T. G. Raghukanth and Konjengbam Darunkumar Singh Liquefaction and Pore Water Pressure Generation in Sand: Cyclic Strain Controlled Triaxial Tests pp. 57-85 T. G. Sitharam, B. V. Ravishankar and S. M. Patil Seismic Site Classifications and Site Amplifications for the Urban Centres in the Shallow Overburden Deposits pp. 86-108 P. Anbazhagan and M. Neaz SheikhVolume 2, issue 2, 2011 Pseudo-Dynamic Evolution of Seismic Passive Earth Force and Pressure Behind Retaining Wall pp. 1-15 Sima Ghosh Dynamic Properties of Sandy Soils at Large Shear Strains with Special Reference to the Influence of Non-Plastic Fines pp. 16-28 T. G. Sitharam, B. V. Ravishankar and J. S. Vinod Lateral Displacement of Liquefaction Induced Ground Using Least Square Support Vector Machine pp. 29-39 Sarat Kumar Das, Pijush Samui, Dookie Kim, N. Sivakugan and Rajanikanta Biswal Non-Axisymmetric Dynamic Response of Imperfectly Bonded Buried Orthotropic Thin Empty Cylindrical Shell Due to Incident Shear Wave (SH Wave) pp. 40-56 Rakesh Singh Rajput, Sunil Kumar, Alok Chaubey and J. P. Dwivedi Effect of Non-Plastic Fines on Liquefaction Resistance and Pore Pressure Behavior of Fine Sand pp. 57-70 C. Hanumantharao and G. V. Ramana Effect of Earthquake Induced Lateral Soil Movement On Pile Behavior pp. 71-90 K. Muthukkumaran and I.P. SubhaVolume 2, issue 1, 2011 Estimation of Peak Ground Acceleration and Its Uncertainty for Northern Indian Region pp. 1-19 Girish Chandra Joshi and Mukat Lal Sharma Force Polygon and Seismic Active Earth Pressure on the Back of a Retaining Wall Supporting c-F Backfill pp. 20-28 Sima Ghosh and Richi Prasad Sharma Shear Wave Velocity Investigation for Ten Representative Sites of National Capital Territory, New Delhi, India pp. 29-43 A.K. Mahajan, A.K. Shukla, Ajit Pandey, Mukesh Chauhan, Neetu Chauhan and Nitesh Rai Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazard Using Granular Piles pp. 44-66 A. Murali Krishna Drain Groups in Liquefiable Soil pp. 67-82 A. J. Brennan and S. P. G. Madabhushi Dynamic Characterization of Settled Pond Ash Using Measured Shear Wave Velocity (Vs) and SPT-N Values: Correlation Between Vs & N pp. 83-97 Ravi Sankar Jakka, B. Janaki Ramaiah and G. V. RamanaOn this pageVol 7 (2016)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 6 (2015)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 5 (2014)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 4 (2013)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 3 (2012)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 2 (2011)Issue 2Issue 1Other volumesVol 14 (2023)Vol 13 (2022)Vol 12 (2021)Vol 11 (2020)Vol 10 (2019)Vol 9 (2018)Vol 8 (2017) Vol 1 (2010)On this pageVol 7 (2016)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 6 (2015)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 5 (2014)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 4 (2013)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 3 (2012)Issue 2Issue 1Vol 2 (2011)Issue 2Issue 1Other volumesVol 14 (2023)Vol 13 (2022)Vol 12 (2021)Vol 11 (2020)Vol 10 (2019)Vol 9 (2018)Vol 8 (2017) Vol 1 (2010) This site is part of RePEc and all the data displayed here is part of the RePEc data set. Is your work missing from RePEc? Here is how to contribute. Questions or problems? Check the EconPapers FAQ or send mail to Obfuscate( '', 'econpapers' ). EconPapers is hosted by the Örebro University School of Business.


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