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CodeSMART 2013 for VB6: A Review of the Features, Installation, and Cracking by the old mega of the Best Toolset for Visual Basic 6.0

What is CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 and why you need it

If you are a Visual Basic 6.0 developer, you probably know how frustrating it can be to work with the outdated and limited IDE. You may have wished for a tool that could enhance your coding experience, improve your productivity, and help you write better code. Well, your wish has come true with CodeSMART 2013 for VB6, a comprehensive toolset that adds dozens of features to the Visual Basic IDE.

codesmart 2013 for vb6 cracked by the old mega


CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 is developed by AxTools, a company that specializes in creating software development tools. It is exceptionally well integrated within the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE (Visual Basic 5.0 is also supported). It offers a wide range of features that cover every aspect of coding, from code editing to code analysis, from code documentation to code maintenance, from error handling to task management.

Some of the benefits of using CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 are:

  • It enhances your code view with branch lines, end-of-line details, hotspots, current line highlighting, and more.

  • It replaces your standard Project Explorer with an enhanced one that shows more information and allows more actions.

  • It adds two more explorer tools: Procedure Explorer and Designer Explorer, which let you navigate and manage your procedures and controls easily.

  • It provides powerful find tools that let you find and replace text, references, or dead code across your projects.

  • It provides analyzer tools that let you check your code quality, code flow, and code metrics.

  • It automates your text entry with AutoText, AutoCorrect, and AutoComplete features that save you time and keystrokes.

  • It enhances your designer view with Designer Assistant, Designer Tools, and Control Name Assistant features that help you create and modify your forms and controls.

  • It simplifies your code maintenance with Sort Procedures, Indent Code, Comment/Uncomment Code, and Standardize Error Handling features that keep your code organized and consistent.

  • It documents your code with Document Procedure, Document Module, Document Project, and Document Project Group features that generate professional documentation for your code.

  • It improves your error handling with Error Handling Assistant, Error Handling Reviewer, and Error Handling Options features that help you prevent, detect, and fix errors in your code.

  • It manages your tasks with Task List and Task Tags features that let you keep track of your pending tasks and mark them in your code.

As you can see, CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 is a must-have tool for any Visual Basic 6.0 developer who wants to take their coding to the next level. It is compatible with all editions of Visual Basic 6.0 (including the Learning edition) and all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. It also supports Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) development in Microsoft Office applications.

If you are interested in trying out CodeSMART 2013 for VB6, you can download a free 30-day trial version from the AxTools website. The trial version is fully functional and lets you explore all the features of the toolset. If you decide to buy the full version, you can choose between two editions: Standard and Professional. The Standard edition costs $99 and includes all the features except the Analyzer tools. The Professional edition costs $199 and includes all the features plus the Analyzer tools. You can also get a volume discount if you buy multiple licenses.

How to install CodeSMART 2013 for VB6

Installing CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 is very easy and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Download the setup file from the AxTools website. The file name is CodeSMART2013VB6Setup.exe.

  • Run the setup file and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to accept the license agreement, choose a destination folder, and select the components to install.

  • Restart Visual Basic 6.0 if it was running during the installation. You will see a new toolbar and menu item called CodeSMART in the IDE.

  • Activate your trial or full version by entering your name and email address in the CodeSMART Activation dialog box that appears when you launch Visual Basic 6.0. You will receive an activation code by email that you need to enter in the dialog box.

  • Enjoy using CodeSMART 2013 for VB6!

How to use CodeSMART 2013 for VB6

Using CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 is very intuitive and convenient. You can access all the features from the CodeSMART toolbar or menu item in the Visual Basic IDE. You can also customize the toolbar and menu item to suit your preferences. You can also use keyboard shortcuts or right-click menus to access some of the features. Here is a brief overview of each feature category:

Code view enhancements

CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 enhances your code view with several visual aids that make your code easier to read and understand. These include:

  • Branch lines: These are vertical lines that connect the beginning and end of code blocks, such as If...End If, Select Case...End Select, For...Next, etc. They help you see the structure of your code at a glance.

  • End-of-line details: These are labels that show the corresponding keywords or identifiers at the end of code lines that are too long to fit in the window or that are wrapped by the editor. They help you avoid confusion when reading long or wrapped lines of code.

  • Hotspots: These are colored indicators that show where certain elements are located in your code, such as variables, constants, procedures, controls, etc. They help you find and navigate to these elements quickly.

  • Current line highlighting: This is a feature that highlights the current line of code where your cursor is located with a different background color. It helps you focus on the line of code that you are working on.

  • Code markers: These are bookmarks that you can set and clear in your code to mark important or interesting locations. You can use them to jump back and forth between different parts of your code.

  • Code tooltips: These are pop-up windows that show additional information about certain elements in your code, such as variable types, procedure parameters, control properties, etc. They help you get more details about your code without leaving the code window.

You can enable or disable any of these code view enhancements from the CodeSMART Options dialog box, which you can access from the CodeSMART menu item or toolbar. You can also change the colors, fonts, and styles of these enhancements to suit your preferences.