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Becker Map Pilot Europe 21 2021 [EXCLUSIVE]

We hear from the market that there is confusion about the navigation version becker map pilot. Unfortunately, Becker is inconsistent in providing version information, which is understandably confusing. There are 2 versions becker map ... Read More

Becker Map Pilot Europe 21 2021

There is now a new becker map pilot from Version: 2018/2019 V17 Map stand: 2017Q4 You can download it from the website or purchase it from us. Keep in mind that for this update you must have a ... Read More

Association of hypoxia and mitochondrial damage associated molecular patterns in the pathogenesis of vein graft failure: a pilot study Finosh G Thankam, Joseph G Ayoub, Mohamed M Radwan Ahmed, Aleem Siddique, Thomas C Sanchez, Rafael A Peralta, Thomas J Pennington, Devendra K Agrawal, Translational Research, Volume 229, 2021, Pages 38-52, ISSN 1931-5244, 041b061a72


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