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Fernanda and Carolina: Their Talent and Skills That Make Them WALS Legends - Facebook

[Fernanda]: Salvador tried to explain to them. But they were not going to take it well. Theyre not going to get along very well. When the boys go to leave, they cant figure out how to get out of the parking lot, because they dont have their keys. Its totally illegal, right? I couldnt believe it.

fernanda y carolina we are little stars 11


[Fernanda]: But the manager doesnt want to call the cops; he doesnt want to call the police. He hesitates. He hesitates because he really wants to call the police. He also wants to call the bouncers, because he wants to protect his business. He wants to protect me, he says, but he hesitates. He hesitates because of the money. I dont know if you saw, but the guys were already taking the money out of the box.

Fernanda and her parents moved into a house in Brentwood, California, with 21 other people, in a neighborhood with other families, but not the one where the networks stars were born. In the area, they found love and friendship, and Fernanda learned to surf and ride horses. Her first words were my love hurts, my love is steve, she said, not my love hurts, they asked her. She also learned to be a punk, she said.

[Fernanda]: The house was important for me because it gave me a stable environment. Everyone else was from divorced parents or from the same mother, but we had no fathers, either. My older sisters had dad and I had none. The lack of a father was a reality I grew up with... my sisters and I raised ourselves, having to raise ourselves; we had the responsibility of being parents... We lived how we thought people did in the 1980s.

The channels programming didn't fit right, and I thought, That doesn't make any sense. Why don't they just talk to me? Fernanda explained that a lot of those viewers didn't grow up in neighborhoods like hers, because their parents were Latinas and Asian. They watched people who came from privileged neighborhoods and they thought that was normal.


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