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Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition Free Download

Jump into the co-op looter shooter that started it all! Enjoy a blend of FPS and RPG mechanics as you play one four characters who each have their own unique skillsets to use and master. Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition will be available for free this weekend to Xbox Live Gold members who will have access to the full game during the Free Play Days period.

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Free Download


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Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is the brand new definitive version of the award-winning 2009 first-person shooter/role-playing game, loaded with additional content and enhancements. With brand new weapons, substantial visual upgrades, numerous quality of life improvements, and all four content add-on packs, this updated edition breathes new life into the co-op shooter-looter that started it all.

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The game can be played alone, but also supports two-player cooperative play through split-screen (on consoles), and up to four players playing cooperatively online or over LAN. The game follows the progress of the host player, rewarding the other active players for completion of quests for their characters. If the other players are doing the same quests in their campaign, the completed quests remain the same in their campaign as well as the host's. When more players are present, the game alters the statistics of the generated enemies, balancing the game due to the larger number of players. Players can take part in one-on-one duels anywhere in the game world,[14] or can visit arenas in the game world to participate in free-for-all, 2-on-2 or 3-on-1 combat battles with their fellow players.[15] The original title as shipped for Windows used GameSpy servers for multiplayer modes; as a result of GameSpy's shutdown in 2013, 2K Games patched the game and moved the servers to Steam, as well as providing Steam-versions of the game for those that purchased the title through retail channels.[16]

The Vault Hunters finally arrive at the Vault only moments too late to stop Steele from using the Key. When the Vault opens, a giant monster emerges and wipes out Steele and the rest of her troops. The Guardian Angel explains that the monster is called the "Destroyer" and was imprisoned in the Vault long ago by the Eridians, the alien race who left behind the ruins and created the Vault, in order to prevent the destruction of the universe, and that the Guardians were posted to prevent anyone from opening it. Although the Vault Hunters kill the Destroyer, the Vault is re-sealed for another 200 years. The Guardian Angel is revealed to be transmitting her signals through a Hyperion satellite in orbit high above Pandora. The game ends with the satellite sending a signal to a Claptrap robot on the planet, changing it into an "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin" (continued in the plot of the DLC Claptrap's New Robot Revolution).

The game's development started around 2005, internally pitched as "Halo meets Diablo".[18] The initial period involved Pitchford selling his team on the idea of the FPS-RPG hybrid, and eventually determining that the FPS genre would be the defining genre for the game.[18] The game's art style was initially more realistic, with visual ideas inspired partially by the Gears of War and Mass Effect series.[18] The team expanded and prepared for releasing the game's first public reveal in September 2007 via a Game Informer cover story, with trailers to be shown in the following year's E3 and other game conventions, building atop a modified Unreal Engine 3.[18][9] Elements that were planned at the time of that cover story but that did not make the final game included procedurally generated "loot caves", and the ability to hire non-playable character mercenaries to help in combat. Further, the game initially had three Vault hunters; Brick had not been included yet, as Gearbox thought that it would be interesting in the co-op to have two or more players playing the same characters but with persistent improvements that the players had made to them.[19]

On August 11, 2010, 2K confirmed the title of the content, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, and its main premise.[38] The DLC has 21 missions (split between 9 main missions and 12 side quests), 2 new skill points, and six additional backpack slots. The game focuses around a rogue army of brainwashed Claptraps (led by CL4P-TP, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin, the same Claptrap that is seen getting struck by lightning just after the end credits of the main game) who plan to destroy humanity for their mistreatment, along with an army of familiar enemies transformed into Claptrap styles (i.e., Crab-Traps, Rakk-Traps, and Skag-Traps). A wide variety of old cast members return alongside new faces. New fast-travel destinations were also expected, a first for Borderlands DLC, but ultimately they were not included.[39] On September 5, 2010, Pitchford announced at the Penny Arcade Expo that the release date was scheduled to be September 28, 2010. Pitchford also announced a free patch to increase the level cap by 8 for all players (to a maximum of Level 69, or 58 for those without Knoxx's Armory), regardless of whether the expansion had been purchased.[40][41][42]

A sequel, Borderlands 2, was announced on August 2, 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows platforms. The game was also developed by Gearbox Software and distributed by Take-Two Interactive, and was released on September 18, 2012. The game features many technical improvements and follows four new Vault Hunters (six with the downloadable characters added later) on Pandora as they battle Handsome Jack and the Hyperion Corporation.[70]

Epic Games provides a free game every week. By May 26, 2022, Borderlands 3 is free on the Epic Games Store. If you want to download Borderlands 3 for free, you can follow this post from the MiniTool Partition Wizard website.

Epic Games is a video game and software provider. You can access its services from the official website or by downloading its application client. There are a huge number of games available on Epic Games, such as Genshin Impact, Fortnite, Gears of War, Borderlands 3, Unreal, etc.

In the Epic Games store, some games are free to download and play, while others need to be paid for. Fortunately, Epic Games Store provides you with a game for free (that needed to be paid) every week. You can download the game for free in a limited time.

According to Epic Games and the Borderlands 3 support, Borderlands 3 is free on the Epic Games Store until 11:00 AM ET (8:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM BST) on May 26. This limited-time offer grants you the entire base game of Borderlands 3 Standard Edition for free. And you can enjoy multiplayer crossplay across other devices like Xbox One, Stadia, and more.

Step 5: Accept the User License Agreement and choose a location where to install the game. Then click the Install button to start to download and install Borderlands 3 on your PC.

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Each game in the Borderlands series includes several add-on content (aka downloadable content, or DLC for short) packs available. The first two games have a "Game of the Year Edition," which include DLC with the base game, with later games having an "Ultimate Edition," which include all DLC ever released for their respective game.NOTE: All prices below are listed in $USD.

Multiple DLC packs are available for Borderlands 2, ranging from downloadable skins, Headhunter mission packs, to full campaign DLCs. The first four major campaign DLCs, alongside the first Ultimate Vault Hunter upgrade, can be obtained by purchasing the Season Pass or the Game of the Year Edition (with the Game of the Year Edition also including the Mechromancer and Psycho characters), with the other DLCs - skins, characters, Headhunter missions, Ultimate Vault Hunter upgrade 2 - requiring additional individual purchases. The Handsome Collection, released later for PS4 and Xbox One, includes all of the game's DLCs (excluding the fifth campaign, Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary) in one package. 041b061a72


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