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Conn Rides Again In Italian ((NEW)) Free Download

The google maps layer may be fine for road rides, but it sucks ass for mtb trails and we have to rely on the OSM option. Unfortunately the connect integration is terrible and absolutely needs to be addressed.

Conn Rides Again in italian free download

I prefer this maps over the Garmin maps even where the detailed Garmin map is installed. I very seldom use routing, but quite often I use the map during bike rides to make spontaneous decisions where to go next. In this maps here1) you can see if a road is paved or unpaved and get proper information of which quality the unpaved road is.2) official bike routes are marked, so I can spontanously decide to follow a bike route with no need to download it.

As always a great a detailed article with relevant content. Thanks.I have (only) an Edge 520 but decided to try it out with a super small piece of map from Austria. File size 7,1 Mb.I created and downloaded the .img-file according to your description above. Then I tried to install the .img-file on my 520.As expected the disc space was not sufficient. So I decided to move the two pre-installed .img-files (total 51,5 Mb) to a temporary storage place on my desktop. In theory, this should free space up for a small 7,1 Mb file.Unfortunately this did not happen. I still miss 6,4 Mb to install the downloaded map. I cannot move the two pre-installed .img-files back to the 520 because of lack of disc space. So I basically lost the ability to use my pre-installed maps.Can you give some advise on how to restore the Edge 520 storage capability? At least so I can get the original pre-installed maps back onto my device. Thanks in advance./Morten

Great article and thanks so much. I was nearly at the point of selling my Edge as the maps were so basic and difficult to use, but downloading these maps has changed things completely. The step by step guide is awesome and even allowed a tech idiot like me to install it in about 5mins. Thanks again.

As I said, I was able to follow the instructions and download a map to my Vista HCx GPS, by means of copying the gmapsupp.img file.The created map was OK for my use, however I found that when following a track at night, sometimes the street outlines were so faint that it was difficult to distinguish the specific streets at intersections, which made navigation tricky,Also, the process for selecting a map region was limited, and also there is a limit as to the size of the map image you are allowed to create. So for longer rides (like a 1200k) I think it would not be viable for me as I can only download a single image to my particular GPS.Bottom Line: I am still looking for a viable alternative.

Hello, I just downloaded a New Zealand map from BBBike. Ive dropped it into my Garmin but detailed maps of NZ are not working. I have tried turning it off and on again. But still no luck. Have you got any tips. Kind regards, Kieran

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